The Conjuring – 3/10

James Wan conjures up a turd…


Director James Wan’s relatively hot streak (Saw, Dead Silence, Insidious) comes to an abrupt end with The Conjuring. There is literally not a single thing about this movie that you haven’t seen a thousand times before. Not one memorable character. Plot lines introduced and then totally forgotten about. Patrick Wilson playing that one same role he does now. The Conjuring has a whopping 7.8 rating on IMDB so maybe I am missing something but this film, after a promising opening twenty minutes, did nothing for me. I wasn’t that big a fan of similar films Insidious or Sinister but what they lacked in originality they at least made up for in cheap scares. I never felt anything but bored and mildly annoyed throughout The Conjuring. Rubbish.

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