The 48K’s – The End’s The Start Where We Begin

The 48K’s are one of Doncaster’s most long running and beloved bands. Having supported everyone from The La’s to Reverend and the Makers and played at venues as diverse as Sheffield City Hall and the iconic Cavern Club in Liverpool, The 48K’s are undoubtedly a band that are going places.


Their latest EP The End’s The Start Where We Begin is due to come out on Friday 24th June in conjunction with a headline gig at Sheffield Leadmill. Opening track ‘Out of Time’ kicks off with a riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Ocean Colour Scene album before singer Ryan Lightfoot takes over.

The 48Ks are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves but Lightfoot’s voice make them their own band. It is his vocals during the call and response chorus that echoes Britpop band Cast, whilst still sounding very much like The 48KS.

‘Take It In’ follows and can stake a claim as the strongest track on The Ends The Start Where We Begin. ‘Take It In’ is so 90s it sounds like it could have soundtracked a goals montage from Euro 96 but rather than living in the past, this is more the sound of a band embracing their roots.

‘Do As I Say’ sees Lightfoot’s South Yorkshire drawl come to the fore in a song that channels early Milburn whilst rocking a bit harder than their Sheffield cousins. Of the four tracks that make up this EP, ‘Do As I Say’ is the one most likely to be shouted back at The 48KS when they play the summer festival circuit.

‘Return The Favour’ closes the EP and is a breezy Summery song that finishes on a crescendo that is as good as anything the 48KS have previously written. A fitting end to the latest high quality release from Doncaster’s worst kept secret.


This article originally appeared in Doncopolitan magazine:

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