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Top Five Worst TV Shows of 2017

On the whole, I try to be as positive as possible, especially when it comes to popular culture. The problem, of course, is that so much stuff is just… shit. With that in mind, here lies five TV shows that really stunk the place out in 2017.

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Stranger Things 2: The Gate

Season 2, Episode 9

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Stranger Things 2: The Mind Flayer

Season 2, Episode 8

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GOT Episode Review: Dragonstone

Season 7, Episode 1…

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Strangers Things – Episode 3: Holly, Jolly

We can be heroes…


Don’t let me down Steve…

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The Top Ten Best TV Shows of 2015

Here lies a comprehensive list of the ten best TV shows I have watched in the year of our lord 2015. They aren’t all necessarily new shows but all have released a season in 2015 that I have really enjoyed.

DISCLAIMER – Obviously I am only one person so there is probably loads of stuff I may have missed this year (The Last Man on Earth) or haven’t finished watching (Daredevil) as well as some shows that haven’t fully aired yet (Peep Show).

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