You’re Next – 5.5/10

Not Another Home Invasion Movie


A family is terrorized in their home by masked assailants (yawn).

You may have enjoyed this movie when it was called The Last House On The Left in 1972, or The Strangers in 2008 or when they made a kids version called Home Alone. You may also have seen people wearing pretty much the same animal masks in Saw. I could go on.

There is barely a shred of originality in You’re Next. It is not particularly terrible but it definitely isn’t good. It is a nothing film, the definition of average. You don’t always need fresh ideas to make a solid movie, but you do need characters the audience cares about, good writing and decent acting. You’re Next has none of this. It does however, have the nadir of modern horror films (since The Sixth Sense) in the *spoile… oh who cares* ‘shock’ twist ending. Boooooring.