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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – 7.5/10.

Same characters. Different faces.


Nine (!) years after the original Sin City, director Robert Rodriguez finally gets round to releasing a sequel and it is mostly worth the wait.

Right off the bat it is pleasing to see Rodriguez and Miller are not resting on their laurels visually. Sin City: A Dame to Kill for not only matches the original in terms of looks it easily surpasses it adding a number of visual flourishes that work better than anything Rodriguez has previously attempted.

New additions Josh Brolin and particularly Joseph Gordon Levitt impress, the former stepping into Clive Owen’s shoes ably and the latter providing the best storyline of either film. Jessica Alba is also a big positive given more to do than just erotic dancing this time round and Mickey Rourke is on top and worryingly comfortable playing psychopath Marv.

The problem here is just how long it took to get this film made. In that time Michael Clarke Duncan and Brittany Murphy have tragically passed away, Clive Owen has lost interest and Devon Aoki who was so great as Miho in the first instalment has all but quit acting to start a family. This leaves A Dame to Kill For feeling disjointed and frustrating. This could have been every bit as good as Sin City but nine years is a long time in Hollywood.

Sin City – 8.5/10

Robert Rodriguez gets the balance right between B Movie weirdness and Hollywood blockbuster with his adaptation of Frank Millers Sin City.


Sin City’s breathtaking visual style literally brought graphic novels to life and paved the way for 300, Watchmen and others.

Sin City was not just a trail blazer in this regard it is easily still the best in the genre. Visually it really is an impressive achievement with every shot looking like the pane of a comic book. Sin City was part of a golden age of comic book adaptations with Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins also released in the same time period and it deserves to be spoken of in the same breath as those mentioned.

Basin City is like Gotham but drenched in the film noir of the forties and the Americana of the seventies. This makes stars like Bruce Willis and Clive Owen perfectly fit this world with their classic leading men persona’s. The rest of the varied and talented cast don’t miss a trick with Rosario Dawson every inch a femme fatale and Mickey Rourke a revelation as the now iconic character of Marv.

Sin City is maverick director Robert Rodrigeuz’ masterpiece and if you haven’t seen it already now is the perfect time on the eve of the release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Machete Kills – 7/10

Juvenile sequel, plot is… TITS, ASS, GUNS, FIGHTING, EXPLOSIONS etc etc.


Machete Kills is twenty minutes too long, trying too hard to be a cult film and contains even less original ideas than the first film but to be honest it is really good fun.
The Machete films are like the Expendables series teenage brother. Intentionally cheesy dialogue, people being chopped in half and celebrity cameos by the bucket load. It is difficult to know whether director Robert Rodriguez should be praised or derided for turning a three minute fake trailer (from Grindhouse), into two feature length films with the promise of a third on the way but when it is this fun, does it really matter? He should probably have spent less time pissing about doing stuff like this and more time making a sequel to Sin City but never mind.

Film Review: Hobo with a Shotgun – 5.5/10

Pretty self explanatory title…

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