In the Name of the Father – 9.5/10

The true story of the Guildford Four who were wrongly accused of an IRA bombing after being forced to confess.


In the Name of the Father was nominated for seven Oscars but failed to win any of them with strong competition from Schindlers List and Philadelphia. Personally I think this is better than both of them.
An absolutely astounding performance from Daniel Day Lewis is the highlight, but Pete Postlethwaite runs him close (scandalously beaten to an Oscar for best supporting actor by Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive). Every second of this modern day classic is gripping and charged with emotion. Day Lewis has to be seen to be believed, the direction is perfect. Only an average soundtrack stopped this from being a ten.
IMDB TOP 250 – #185

Scent of a Woman – 8.5/10

Al Pacino gets the opportunity to shout a lot of nonsensical phrases – grasps opportunity with both hands.
Chris O’Donnell AKA the man who angered everyone with his performance as Robin in those shit Batman films plays a student who is tasked with looking after a blind man over Thanksgiving weekend but instead of a feeble old man he gets Big Al screaming in his face.
Al Pacino is as good as the blind ex military man as he has been in anything. He won an Oscar, it would have been an absolute travesty if he didn’t. Even robin is good in this movie with a good support from a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A classic.


Best Leading Actor