Ravenous – 4/10.


A cast of supporting actors repeatedly murder each other whilst sporting daft hats.

Robert Carlyle, Guy Pearce, David Arquette, Neal McDonough and erm… the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off… you really think that at some point in the making of this film one of them might have said ‘Hang on… this is shit isn’t it?’. Alas nobody posed that question so we are left with Ravenous. It is hard to pin point what is actually bad with this film. The acting is actually pretty good. Somehow this ends up damaging the film as you have decent actors very seriously portraying a really silly premise *SPOILERS* (Immortal cannibal shows up. Turns everyone else into immortal cannibals. Immortal cannibals fight each other. Guy Pearce wears a lovely blue jumper). I would say there are better films in this genre but I’m pretty sure this is the only film in the period drama cannibal category. The kind of film that makes you frown all the way through. Bafflingly rubbish.