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Top Ten Albums of 2016

2016 has not been the greatest year for music. There have been more heart wrenching deaths than iconic albums released. Away from the ongoing shit storm that is ‘pop’ music (whatever the fuck that means any more), there is still some gold to be found beneath the grime.


Radiohead – because life is shit!

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RANKED: Bright Eyes

Music  can be all things to all people. A shoulder to cry on, an old friend, or simply something to dance to. But can it also be a devil on your shoulder? There are certain artists who are so intertwined with teen angst that they feel like a rite of passage, part and parcel of coming of age.

How many teenagers believe they have found a kindred spirit in Morrissey or Kurt Cobain? For the most part we grow out of these obsessions as we emerge on the other side of adolescence. With Conor Oberst however, and more specifically his main musical project Bright Eyes, I still find myself plummeting down the rabbit hole of his music even now. When the old familiar darkness does hover at my  door, it sometimes feels that I have a devil on each shoulder, Oberst and Tom Waits, with the angel seemingly missing in action.

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Puncture – 8/10.

Half Nelson with more money…
Chris Evans (The Captain America one not the ginger one) is an injury lawyer who takes on the pharmaceutical companies whilst also battling a drug addiction.
Puncture is a thoroughly entertaining and powerful drama that will leave you fucking furious with the way the world works. Chris Evans is brilliant in this film showing once again he was totally wasted as Captain America who is the most boring superhero ever. Puncture  also delivers on the soundtrack with tracks from such luminaries as Bright Eyes and Silversun Pickups.

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