Sin City – 8.5/10

Robert Rodriguez gets the balance right between B Movie weirdness and Hollywood blockbuster with his adaptation of Frank Millers Sin City.


Sin City’s breathtaking visual style literally brought graphic novels to life and paved the way for 300, Watchmen and others.

Sin City was not just a trail blazer in this regard it is easily still the best in the genre. Visually it really is an impressive achievement with every shot looking like the pane of a comic book. Sin City was part of a golden age of comic book adaptations with Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins also released in the same time period and it deserves to be spoken of in the same breath as those mentioned.

Basin City is like Gotham but drenched in the film noir of the forties and the Americana of the seventies. This makes stars like Bruce Willis and Clive Owen perfectly fit this world with their classic leading men persona’s. The rest of the varied and talented cast don’t miss a trick with Rosario Dawson every inch a femme fatale and Mickey Rourke a revelation as the now iconic character of Marv.

Sin City is maverick director Robert Rodrigeuz’ masterpiece and if you haven’t seen it already now is the perfect time on the eve of the release of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Thor: The Dark World – 8/10.

Comic book fans constant clamoring for film adaptations to be ‘darker, darker, DARKER’ culminates in directors actually putting ‘dark’ in the title.

Thor: The Dark World film still

Jane Foster is filled with a malevolent power putting her at the centre of a battle between Thor and a great evil.

A lot of people think we have been overwhelmed with the deluge of comic book adaptations in recent years, particularly those related to Avengers. I personally think the Avengers series has maintained an unlikely and very impressive high standard throughout and this very much continues with Thor: The Dark World.

Chris Hemsworth has improved as the series has gone on and seems much more at home as the eponymous hero. One of the attractions of Thor was revered director Kenneth Branagh bringing serious actors such as Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgård on board and they bring a touch of class to the sequel as well (particularly the always excellent Hopkins as Odin) despite the absence of Branagh at the helm.

Tom Hiddlestone again has lots of fun as panto villain Loki. Only a subdued Natalie Portman disappoints but that is understandable as she didn’t want to be appear but couldn’t get out of her contract.

Post Avengers the Marvel films really seem to be hitting their stride with Iron Man 3 also impressing. If you liked the other Marvel films you will not be disappointed with Thor: The Dark World.

The Amazing Spiderman – 8.5/10.

Another reboot, another origin story but how does The Amazing Spiderman compare?


Andrew Garfield Vs Tobey Maguire – Garfield was born to play Spiderman AND Peter Parker. Maguire’s problem was that he made a suitably geeky and awkward PP but wasn’t bad ass enough to be Spidey. Garfield absolutely nails this role, watch everything he is in. Best up and coming actor in Hollywood right now. Watch the red riding series or Boy A for further proof.

Gwen Stacey vs MJ – Easy one this, MJ is a fucking bitch the whole time and Gwen Stacey should always have been the love interest in any Spiderman movie. Emma Stone is also excellent as Gwen, in fact the entire movie is cast brilliantly.

The Lizard Vs Green Goblin – Brave move to go with The Lizard but it just about pays off. To be fair the Green Goblin was also a great character so I’ll call that a draw.

Amazing Spiderman vs Avengers/Dark Knight Rises – Miles better than DKR, not as jaw dropping as the Avengers but maybe… just maybe a better movie. I LOVE SPIDERMAN!!!