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Book Review: Hemingway Adventure

Michael Palin goes in search of Ernest Hemingway…

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Best In Show – 7/10

‘Now tell me, which one of these dogs would you want to have as your wide receiver on your football team?’

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Frances Ha – 7/10

‘I’m not messy, I’m busy…’

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Steve Jobs – 8.5/10

‘Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra…’

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Book Review: Pies and Prejudice

The North remembers…


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Short Film Sunday: Gregory Go Boom

Title: Gregory Go Boom

Director: Janicza Bravo

Released: 2013

Length: 17 minutes

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Short Film Sunday: Marcell The Shell With Shoes On

Title: Marcell The Shell With Shoes On

Director: Dean Fleischer-Camp

Released: 2010

Length: 3 minutes

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Short Film Sunday: A Reasonable Request

Title: A Reasonable Request

Director: Andrew Laurich

Released: 2015

Length: 9 minutes

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What We Do In The Shadows – 7.5/10

Two thirds of Flight of the Conchords serve up one of the most refreshing vampire films in years…


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Short Film Sunday – Duck Amuck

Title: Duck Amuck

Director: Chuck Jones

Released: 1953

Length: 8 mins

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