RED 2 – 6.5/10.



Various Retired and Extremely Dangerous former agents are once again tempted out of retirement to recover a devastating weapon of mass destruction.


The great thing about RED is that it was more comedy than action flick. More mature than it’s uncouth teenage cousin The Expendables but still more fun. Unfortunately RED 2 is not as refreshing in as much as it gets bogged down too often in lengthy action sequences and complicated plot. There is one sequence featuring Byung-hun Lee and a glass fridge door that is pretty damn cool though. It is always a joy to see Helen Mirren and welcome addition Anthony Hopkins having such fun but I’m sad to say Bruce Willis’ performances are becoming more phoned in with every film. A nice easy watch but the ending is flat and predictable and not one you would want to watch more than once. Obviously the door is left open to complete the trilogy but it is difficult to imagine anyone caring enough to make that happen?