The Amazing Spiderman – 8.5/10.

Another reboot, another origin story but how does The Amazing Spiderman compare?


Andrew Garfield Vs Tobey Maguire – Garfield was born to play Spiderman AND Peter Parker. Maguire’s problem was that he made a suitably geeky and awkward PP but wasn’t bad ass enough to be Spidey. Garfield absolutely nails this role, watch everything he is in. Best up and coming actor in Hollywood right now. Watch the red riding series or Boy A for further proof.

Gwen Stacey vs MJ – Easy one this, MJ is a fucking bitch the whole time and Gwen Stacey should always have been the love interest in any Spiderman movie. Emma Stone is also excellent as Gwen, in fact the entire movie is cast brilliantly.

The Lizard Vs Green Goblin – Brave move to go with The Lizard but it just about pays off. To be fair the Green Goblin was also a great character so I’ll call that a draw.

Amazing Spiderman vs Avengers/Dark Knight Rises – Miles better than DKR, not as jaw dropping as the Avengers but maybe… just maybe a better movie. I LOVE SPIDERMAN!!!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – 8/10

Plot summed up perfectly in the title of the movie…


As you would hope Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is just a really fun movie. Benjamin Walker is great as Honest Abe and looks like he is having as much fun as one should have when portraying a presidential Van Helsing figure.
A surprisingly strong supporting cast of Dominic Cooper and up and comer Anthony Mackie (rumoured to be in the running for Avengers 2) play it perfectly tongue in cheek in support.
Director Timur Bekmambetov is most famous for Angelina Jolie vehicle Wanted so it is no surprise to find Vampire Hunter awash with fight scenes and action set pieces. Luckily all the fight sequences are well rendered and imaginative. There are some breath taking action spectacles as well and the climatic final battle is a worthy end.
The fact this film has an R rating so doesn’t have to tone down the violence or gore is definitely a bonus and all adds to what is a non stop whirlwind of a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Snow White and the Huntsman – 7/10

Not another dark re-imagining.
‘A grown up take on the classic fairytale’ is the kind of vague tagline you will see attached to this and a thousand other rehashes of ancient ideas and Snow White and the Huntsmen does little to stand out from the crowd.
The acting however is actually pretty solid. Kristen Stewart continues to throw off the the twi-shite shackles with another decent performance and Chris Hemsworth again impresses following his good work as Thor – expect him and his beautiful golden locks to be in pretty much every fantasy or period film of the next ten years.
On the scale of recent fantasy offerings this is not as good as Stardust but better than the Golden Compass and ten times better than the disaster that was Red Riding Hood.

Sightseers – 7/10

A socially awkward couple go on a caravanning holiday that takes an unexpected turn.


Up and coming director Ben Wheatley is at the helm for this odd, dark, funny, charming and quintessentially British drama/comedy/horror/fuckknows. Anyone who has seen Kill List, Ben Wheatley’s, frankly bonkers, other main work, can imagine the kind of dark territory this film ends up embracing.

It starts out like the episode of I’m Alan Partridge where he is advertising caravans and ends up like a brummie version of Natural Born Killers, I’ve yet to fully fall in love with Wheatley in the same way a lot of others have but he is definitely an original voice in the British horror scene at the moment.