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Bedevilled – 6/10.

A woman takes a break from city life on a remote island with a childhood friend who is a victim of abuse.


Bedevilled starts off as pretty straightforward fish out of water, domestic abuse fable, the best moments of the film take place in this opening forty five minutes. From there Bedevilled spirals into gratuitous and unpleasant violence that is typical of South Korean film. The subject of domestic violence is a tricky one. Bedevilled is closer to the showy and obvious violence of Once Were Warriors than the subtle, realistic portrayal seen in Tyrannosaur. The two female leads do a decent job but some of the acting elsewhere is desperately poor, causing the viewer to disengage. The ending is straight up, The Last House On The Left, revenge exploitation up until the final five minutes add some much needed poignancy and emotional weight to all the gore. Despite its obvious flaws Bedevilled is a decent watch, especially for aficionados of South Korean Cinema.

The Social Network (second viewing): 8.5/10

‘I think if your clients want to sit on my shoulders and call themselves tall, they have the right to give it a try’

Rooney Mara, left, and Jesse Eisenberg in Columbia Pictures' "The Social Network."

Master director David Fincher brings us the story of world conquering website Facebook from its humble beginnings through to present day with all the court cases and disputes in between. Jesse Eisenberg is perfect as founder Mark Zuckerberg, aloof, arrogant, yet vulnerable at the same time. Arguably even better is Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins, he plays both twins, both very different characters. Andrew Garfield is as classy and reliable as ever as Zuckerberg’s ‘only friend’ and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin.

Fincher’s direction is superb as always as he continues to show his flexibility following such varied works as Seven, Fight Club and Zodiac. The other star of The Social Network is writer Aaron Sorkins snappy, clever, funny and Oscar winning script, any watchers of The West Wing or Newsroom will be familiar with Sorkin’s style but The Social Network could well be his most accomplished work yet. Trent Reznor’s excellent and also Oscar winning score add to what is a brilliant film.

Vanishing on 7th Street – 0/10.

Terrible horror… Brilliant comedy.


In a the flick of a finger most of the population of Detroit vanishes (hilariously leaving just their clothes behind) apart from Hayden ‘I ruined Star Wars’ Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo and a generic plucky black kid with attitude yo. This rag tag group of terrible actors band together to sit in dark rooms and randomly start shouting things in the middle of conversations like ‘DON’T YOU GET IT?!’. They then start driving round in cars and letting the darkness (for this is what is out to get them obviously) trick them into thinking it is their loved ones calling for them. Over and over again it tricks them. From the baby in the pram under a street light in the middle of a dark street to the boys mother on the altar of a creepy candle lit church (because that is where people hang out to call to their relatives.) At one point the kid has an inner monologue unconvincingly repeating the words ‘I exist… I exist’ as if he believes someone will just stop the movie and put an end to all our suffering at any moment.
It is astonishing that Brad Anderson ( Session 9, The Machinist) squeezed out this little piece of excreta. If they had marketed this a straight up comedy and changed nothing I would have scored it at least 7/10 so it is worth watching for that reason alone.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World 9.5/10.


Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

With Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, already legendary director Edgar Wright hit the absolute geek jackpot with a film that appeals to gamers, music fans and comic book readers alike.

Michael Cera’s best performance without a doubt, great soundtrack, brilliant cameo’s (particularly Chris Evans) and a hilarious, snappy script. Scott Pilgrim is the geekiest but also coolest film of recent years. ‘Proper’ action films should be embarrassed at how much the fight scenes in Scott Pilgrim are superior to them. ‘Proper’ bands should be splitting up upon hearing how much better Sex Bob-Omb are than them.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as heroine Ramona Flowers leaves Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days of Summer in the dust in the fight of cool indie girls in movies. Enjoyed it even more second time round. Almost perfect.

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