Stranger Things 2: Will the Wise

Season 2, Episode 4

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In the whole run of Stranger Things we haven’t really had anything that has completely tore the fabric of the town itself. Aside from the people actively involved in the story, nobody else in Hawkins really knows that anything is up. Sure, they might feel something, in the same way as the residents of Derry feel something but it’s only an inkling. That might all be about to change…

After a scene that is eerily reminiscent of Invasion of the Body Snatchers in which Nancy and Jonathan are surrounded and eventually captured, Nancy manages to record Dr Owens accepting culpability for the death of Barb and whatever happened to Will. They appeared to be heading away from Hawkins to break the news so it will be interesting to see how far they get. Elsewhere, Hopper has literally tore the fabric of the town just by digging a big goddamn hole. This is how men dealt with their problems in the 80s. Wife left you? Dig a hole goddamnit. Developed cancer? Chop a tree down. Your favourite bar closed down? Then you just mow the goddamn lawn and carry on.

Things have taken a particularly dark turn for Will Byers who, not only had to suffer the indignity of the shadow monster invaded every orifice, he now has to be cold all the time for some reason. Luckily, this gives us lots of time with Joyce and Hopper and as always these scenes are awesome.

At Hawkins High, Dustin is keeping the return of Dart a secret from the rest of the gang. A decision that eventually costs him his cat. Way to go Dustin. This indirectly leads to a bust up between Max and Lucas which kinda ends with Max’s brother suggesting he is a racist? I think? Although their relationship, and his intention when warning Max away from Dustin aren’t made completely clear.

Overall this is the first chink in the armour of Stranger Things 2Will the Wise is certainly not a bad episode but it isn’t a great one either. We have never felt further away from any kind of resolution for Will, Nancy, El or Hopper but this instalment did move everything into place for something big to happen in episode 5. I, for one, cannot wait.

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