Singles Club: Weezer, Gorillaz, Fall Out Boy

It’s been a while since I have done one of these, partly because I have downloaded Resident Evil 4 but also because there hasn’t been loads of new music coming out in the last few weeks. I was sprung into action by the return of the worlds greatest band. Ladies and gentlemen… WEEZER!

Weezer – Mexican Fender

I didn’t write anything about Weezer’s last single ‘Feels Like Summer’, mostly because *sigh* it was a bit shit. Weezer are my favourite band but they have released some truly terrible music at various times in their career so each new single brings with it a feeling of dread. They have been on a bit of a hot streak in recent years though culminating in The White Album, which was undoubtedly their best work in years. The Los Angeles band have finally released a follow up to ‘Feels Like Summer’ and it is… better.

‘Mexican Fender’ begins with a classic Weezer riff. Massive, chunky, satisfying. The lyrics are a little quaint and twee but anyone expecting Cuomo to change his dumb words now is destined for disappointment. More important is the catchy and anthemic chorus. The second single from the upcoming album Pacific Daydream would fit nicely on Maladroit. Not vintage Weezer but certainly proof that there is life in the old dog yet and a step in the right direction.

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Gorillaz – Strobelite

Do I actually like Gorillaz? If someone asked me this question I would answer in the affirmative but then I would struggle to name you five songs of theirs that I actually enjoy. I think I just love ‘Clint Eastwood’…

‘Strobelite’ is the latest offering from new album HUMANZ and while it is interesting and catchy, it isn’t really my thing. It is the kind of song that would have you nodding your head in the club (not me obviously, I haven’t been to a club since the long, hot summer of 2005) but then you would have forgotten about it just as quickly. Peven Everett provides the soulful vocals and he does have an impressive voice but I guess I am just the wrong audience for this song.

Fall Out Boy – Champion

So this song is nearly a month old but it’s new to me so get off my frigging back. I’m not really sure what happened to this band. They went from emo heroes to, I dunno, like, a hip hop, emo version of Queen? I don’t know anyone who loves this incarnation of Fall Out Boy but again, as a 30 year old man, I am not really the key demographic for this song. Which is weird because I’m pretty sure everyone in Fall Out Boy is considerably older than me yet they are writing music to appeal to teenagers. It all comes off as a little cynical and vacuous.

The song itself aims for soaring stadium rock but ends up as a pastiche for 80s cock rock. Not terrible but also not anything that will win the ailing band any new fans.


With Modern Baseball currently on hiatus, co-singer/songwriter Jake Ewald has turned to his side project Slaughter Beach, Dog to release new music. ‘Gold and Green’ is the first single from their upcoming album Birdie and while it is a departure from his day job, it is still unmistakeably¬†him.¬†Channelling Adam Green and The Lemonheads, ‘Gold and Green’ is a gorgeous, low key effort that finds Ewald crooning over a suitably melancholic beat. Can’t wait to hear the full album.

Crystal Castles were always one of the more interesting bands to spring forth from the indie electronica scene and that was mainly because of vocalist Alice Glass. Her new single as a solo artist is nowhere near as abrasive as the best work her former band produced but it is still captivating and ethereal. A whole album of this might be a bit much but as a single ‘Without Love’ must be considered a success.

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