Singles Club: The Cribs, Stereophonics, Milburn

We are too damn busy staying out of the comically awful British weather to listen to every bit of noise that farts out of our radios these days. It’s an unrewarding, tedious job but someone has to do it. Wait, I, I have to do this right? RIGHT? Singles Club…

The Cribs – Rainbow Ridge

On the eve of The Cribs 7th album 24-7 ROCK STAR SH*T, the Wakefield band can stake a claim to being perhaps the UK’s most consistent band. The Jarman’s have spoken of returning to the raw beginnings of their first two albums and new single ‘Rainbow Ridge’ could have come from The New Fellas. The searing riffs are straight out of the Nirvana songbook which is no surprise when you consider that the album is produced by Nirvana collaborator Steve Albini.

‘Rainbow Ridge’ is not as insistently catchy and melodic as ‘In Your Palace’ but it isn’t meant to be. The song perfectly showcases the bands more hectic and hardcore side.

Stereophonics – All In One Night

Does anyone still care about the Stereophonics? Judging by the nearly 30,000 views on their latest single then obviously some people do. Sadly,  ‘All In One Night’ isn’t an ode to the productivity and work rate of Santa Claus but more a melancholic ode to late night parties and drinking.

One of the reasons that the Welsh rockers have remained so popular is their ability to produce at least one banging single per album that keeps them relevant. ‘All In One Night’ is closer to ‘Mr Writer’ than it is to ‘Dakota’ but it actually makes for a nice change of pace. That is not to say that isn’t a little dreary and unimaginative though. It has a touch of the Athlete’s about it, a sprinkling of the Coldplay’s. In short, it’s a little boring. It’s pleasant enough however and that’s all Stereophonics fans seem to be interested in at this point.

Milburn – Take Me Home

It was lovely of Milburn to ask me to star in their video, and by star, I mean attend the Sheffield show at which the video was shot. The South Yorkshire band have gone from strength to strength since their unlikely comeback and ‘Take Me Home’ is the latest success. Previous single ‘Midnight Control’ was also a banger but their latest effort more recalls the glory days of the bands first two albums. Simple guitar riffs and soaring choruses are the bands modus operandi and ‘Take Me Home’ is a classic example of Joe Carnall Jr‘s accomplished songwriting. I might be just a little bit excited for the bands third album due to be announced shortly.


It took me AGES to get into Superfood‘s debut album Don’t Say That but eventually I grew to enjoy pretty much all of it as I saw it for what it was, a fun party record. They strike me as a potential one album wonder however and new single ‘Unstoppable’ is well… pretty stoppable. The refrain of ‘Nothing gets me high, so I don’t even try no more’ is cute but the whole song never really goes anywhere. Could improve on repeated listens.

Slotface however are a band I adored almost instantly. Their debut album Try Not To Freak Out, due out in September, is highly anticipated and the band have already released a number of ace singles. ‘Pitted’ takes the energy of The Hives with an injection of Hole to produce something entirely fresh and exciting. Definitely one to look out for.




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