Singles Club: Liam Gallagher, Coldplay, LCD Soundsystem

It’s too damn hot to keep up with every single bit of goddamn music that is released. Singles Club shuffles on however, gamely attempting to do just that. This week we have…

LCD Soundsystem – American Dream

Ok so this song actually came out on May 4th but it is new to me as the release somehow slipped under my radar. ‘American Dream’ is a gorgeous, ethereal ballad that sounds like how we all wished Arcade Fire still sounded. There doesn’t seem to be as much of an appetite for James Murphy’s indie dance project since they split up and reformed but he clearly still knows his way round a tune.

‘American Dream’ is epic, evocative and excellent. It feels like a sequel of sorts to the similarly downbeat ‘New York, I Love You’. If LCD Soundsystem can keep this level of quality up for an entire album we could be in for something very special. One of the best songs I’ve heard in ages.

Liam Gallagher – Chinatown

I loved ‘Wall of Glass’. Properly loved it. It’s the kind of pure summer anthem that has been lacking in rock music in recent years. I was pretty excited for ‘Chinatown’ then, the second cut from the upcoming album As You Were. Is it any good? It’s a tentative yes from me. It’s a world away from the insistent, guitar driven ‘Wall of Glass’ but that can only be a good thing, nobody wants a full album of the same thing. ‘Chinatown’ is a slow burner with a simple melody but it is catchy and pleasant and I can imagine myself listening to it at a BBQ with a cold cider and sweat patches while my long suffering wife looks at me with disdain.

Coldplay – Aliens

It’s very difficult to recall but there was a time when Coldplay were actually an important band. As derided as they have now become there is no denying the sheer power of the London bands first two albums. That being said it has been a number of years since they released anything even remotely relevant. They have become one of those paradoxical bands, like U2 or Nickelback, who are immensely popular but don’t seem to have any actual real life fans. I don’t know anyone who considers themselves a fan of Coldplay, not openly anyway.

‘Aliens’ is the Brian Eno produced latest single from the Kaleidoscope EP and it’s… fine. It meanders along nicely enough without ever really threatening to go somewhere interesting. It is bland but not offensively so and it certainly isn’t memorable in any way. It’s difficult to know who the song appeals too. Radiohead fans who found Kid A too abrasive and experimental perhaps?



Wolf Alice have already treated us to one excellent song from their upcoming album Visions of a Life but ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ is not quite as dynamic or impressive on first listen. The North London four piece are always better in their more up tempo moments but this latest song never quite finds another gear. ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’ sounds more like a b-side than a single. A worrying development.

It feels a world away from the release of Bloc Party’s seminal debut album Silent Alarm back in 2005 and neither the band or it’s singer have ever reached those heights again. Kele Okereke‘s career has been a case of diminishing returns but new single ‘Streets Been Talkin’ is at least a step in the right direction. His solo work in the past has been mostly electronic and inaccessible but his latest is an acoustic lament that actually owes more to Jarvis Cocker than anything else. Okereke has always been good at conveying his emotion lyrically and ‘Streets Been Talkin’ is another good example of this when he repeatedly states he is ‘trying to kick a habit’ with the backing of a brass band of all things. An interesting and unexpected return to form.

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