Who can even begin to keep up with music when Theresa May is trying knife your grandma and nick your kids school dinners? Luckily, Singles Club will do it for you. Starting with…

Radiohead – I Promise

Radiohead are a band that divide opinion but few can argue with the generally held view that OK Computer is one of the best albums ever. There are plenty of reasons to get excited then for the upcoming 20th anniversary reissue of OK Computer, entitled OKNOTOK. The new edition will feature demo’s, B-Sides and reworked tracks. ‘I Promise’ is the first previously unreleased song to see the light of day and it is a beauty. Unsurprisingly for a band at the peak of their powers, ‘I Promise’ is vintage Radiohead although it does sound more like a cut from their sophomore effort The Bends rather than anything from OK Computer.

Thom croons like a lovesick puppy over a mid tempo beat that eventually builds to a beautiful, string led cacophony. Not revolutionary but lovely all the same.

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The Cribs – In Your Palace

Next up are Wakefield’s finest, The Cribs. The Jarman brothers have always been experts at taking big American rock riffs and turning them into quintessentially British indie punk songs.  ‘In Your Palace’ doesn’t stray far from this formulae but refines it, to craft a song that has no business sounding so damn exciting for a band on their 7th album. With a middle 8 that could have come straight from Kurt Cobain and a main riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on a KISS album, there is no sign of The Cribs mellowing with age. Thank fuck for that.

The Cribs are perhaps the only band of their generation that keep putting out great music without disappearing up their own arse. Long may it continue.

Foo Fighters – Run

Finally, we come to the worlds biggest rock ‘n’ roll band… Maybe I should have started with them actually. Foo Fighters have been on hiatus since Sonic Highways apart from the release of the Saint Cecilia EP in 2015. They have burst back onto the scene this week with the release of ‘Run’, their heaviest song in years. Perhaps for the first time, Dave Grohl manages to perfectly combine the glorious guitar sound of The Colour and The Shape with their more classic rock influenced later work. Run is an unexpected joy. Expect it to be massive.


War on Drugs are a band that I know I should love but for some reason I just don’t. Maybe it is because the singer sounds too much like Bob Dylan. Maybe it’s because of their feud with Sun Kil Moon. Something just prevents me from falling for them. Having said that their new song is massive. Holding On is taken from their upcoming album A Deeper Understanding. It sounds like every song The Killers wish they had written only with the E Street Band providing the instrumentation. It’s ace, life affirming brilliance.

Legendary rapper Ice Cube has taken a break from making films with Friday in the title to release a 25th anniversary reissue of his 1991 classic Birth Certificate. Only One Me is one of three new songs to feature on the album and it is surprisingly great. Cube sounds hungry and passionate, all over a classic 90s beat. Imagine Xzibit but with more of a social concious.