Singles Club: Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile, Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters

Look, I get it. You want to keep up with all the strange sounds jumping out of the radio but Bake Off is back, you haven’t even finished Line of Duty yet and football is back! Worry not, here’s Singles Club…

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything

I’m pretty sure there has been a famous musical pairing called Kurt and Courtney before but I can’t quite place them… Barnett and Vile are both at the height of their respective powers at the moment and while their collaboration raised a few eyebrows, musically it makes sense.

‘Over Everything’ showcases the best of both artists with Vile’s acerbic drawl juxtaposing perfectly with Barnett’s more relaxed speak singing. The first track from their upcoming album Lotta Sea Lice feels closer to Vile’s discography than Barnett’s but her blueprints and, indeed, her vocals, can still be found all over the song. It is a breezy, toe tapping success. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain this standard over the course of a full LP.

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift is pretty much completely alone in the sphere of pop music as an artist who’s music I actually enjoy. This seems to be due to a combination of the standard of pop music taking a sharp decline, me being an old, miserable bastard and Swift being genuinely capable of writing a decent track.

Any good will she has built up in recent years has been called into question recently with her announcement that fans will have to buy endless amounts of merch and CD’s to stand a chance of grabbing tickets for her upcoming tour. Fuck. That. Swift has often marketed herself as being different to her peers but this money grabbing move confirms that she should slither back to snakepit with all the other reptiles. Oh and this song sounds like something Fallout Boy would toss off in five minutes.

Foo Fighters – The Sky is a Neighbourhood

Foo Fighters last single ‘Run’ was a massive return to form for the band so their follow up was highly anticipated. ‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’ is genuinely unlike anything else in the Foo Fighters canon, something I never thought I would write about the band at this stage of their career. As a stark contrast to ‘Run’, their new single is one of the most poppy songs the band have released but it still rocks. It’s catchy, insistent and melodic, at times recalling load era Metallica.

Whilst not quite as arresting as ‘Run’, the next chapter in the Foo Fighters story is interesting enough and different enough to ensure their upcoming album Concrete and Gold will be met with massive levels of excitement.


The St.Vincent track ‘New York’ has been knocking around a while but it only received a proper video release this week. Everyone tells me I should love St.Vincent but I have never been able to connect with her music. That being said I LOVE ‘New York’. It is one of those songs that feels like it has been around for years despite only being a couple of months old. All soaring choruses and emotive piano. It is, quite frankly, brilliant.

The National are no longer a cult band. All that talk of when they will breakout can be dismissed. It’s already happened. Judging by what we have heard from upcoming album Sleep Well Beast, their rise sets to continue on it’s meteoric path. ‘Day I Die’ is certainly latter day The National but it is also upbeat, compelling and has a now trademark singalong chorus. The song has got festival anthem written all over it.



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