Singles Club: Bjork, Marilyn Manson, Weezer

How can you possibly be expected to keep up with sounds and words when WWIII is on the horizon and the kids have gone back to school? Luckily, there is always someone with too much time on their hands. It’s Singles Club…

Björk – The Gate

To call myself a casual Björk fan would be to exaggerate. I love ‘Hyperballad’. I have heard ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ (and recently discovered that it’s a cover) and that’s about it for my Björk experience. I’m aware there are people that would be disgusted that a so called music fan has such limited knowledge of the Icelandic songstress but I am trying to correct that now.

‘The Gate’ is the first single from the upcoming album Utopia and it is how I imagine all those great Björk songs I have missed out on sound like. Atmospheric, transcendent and immersive, ‘The Gate’ is everything that experimental pop music should be.

Listen to ‘The Gate’ on Spotify. Just don’t try and find it on YouTube. It isn’t there.

Marilyn Manson – We Know Where You Fucking Live

In an age of impending nuclear war, it seems almost quaint to think that Marilyn Manson was once the single biggest threat to America’s national security. These days he finds Justin Bieber as his sole antagonist rather than all of Middle America.

The charmingly titled ‘We All Know Where You Fucking Live’ is an enjoyably heavy and hysterical slice of melodrama that chugs along in typical Manson style. The song may not break any new ground but it is catchy and arresting and the video, which features sexy nuns shooting up the suburbs, is possibly the most Marilyn Manson thing ever.

Weezer – Beach Boys

It is a general rule of thumb with Weezer that if a song title references summer, beaches or California and is released after 2010 then it is probably going to be shit. ‘Beach Boys’ is emphatically no exception to this unfortunate idiosyncrasy.

The band seemed to be back on track after the all conquering White Album but recent singles have been incredibly underwhelming. It is difficult to pin point who this song is aimed at. Not catchy enough for the pop crowd, not cool enough for the hipsters and not Weezer enough for long term fans. I’m genuinely worried that Pacific Daydream is going to be rubbish…


The Killers are a band I fell out of love with a long time ago but I like to check in on them now and then which I am sure they appreciate. ‘Some Kind of Love’ sees the band slow things down for an 80s inspired ballad that still manages to sound modern. The track represents progress for me as I didn’t immediately dislike it but I still can’t imagine myself listening to it again. I’m afraid they have lost me.

We like to have a minimum of six songs at Singles Club so it’s barrel scraping time for the last track of the week. I was vaguely interested in Enter Shikari around 10 years ago and now they’re BACK! Did they ever go away? Who knows? Who the fuck even cares? They have a new song anyway. Lots of shouting, a dancerock beat that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Pitchshifter album and some strobe lighting in the video. The song is pretty good actually. Enter Shikari. Exit Singles Club.

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