Short Film Sunday – Uncanny Valley

Title: Uncanny Valley

Director: Federico Heller

Released: 2015

Length: 8 min 52 sec

The phrase ‘uncanny valley’ is the feeling of repulsion one feels when technology looks and feels almost, but not exactly, like humans.

This short film by Argentinian director Federico Heller paints a startling picture of where gaming and in particular virtual reality may be taking us. Charlie Brooker must be kicking himself for not thinking of this idea first for his Black Mirror series.

Without wanting to give too much away Uncanny Valley is the film equivalent of a punch to the stomach and the parallels between gamers and junkies are just one startling aspect of this memorable film.

Aside from the grim message, the acting is on point and the animation is truly brilliant to the point where I would be excited to see any kind of feature length version of Uncanny Valley or indeed any more of Federico Heller’s work.

Uncanny Valley is the kind of film you immediately want all your friends to watch. There can be no higher praise.


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