Title: 2AM: The Smiling Man

Director: Michael Evans

Released: 2013

Length: 4 mins

The Smiling Man is a popular short story that has been doing the rounds on Reddit and Creepy Pasta for years now and director Michael Evans has brought the story to life with chilling clarity with his short film 2:AM: The Smiling Man. I would recommend watching the film before reading the story but both are extremely creepy, especially taking into account the fact that it is unclear whether the original short story is true or not.

The internet is awash with this kind of dark fable but The Smiling Man seems to endure and you will find this short on countless lists of the scariest short films on the internet. Whilst The Smiling Man isn’t as horrifyingly intense as Lights Out, it is still distinctive enough to lodge itself in your brain and stay there.

2:AM: The Smiling Man was a viral hit, receiving over 1 million hits within 3 days and it is easy to see why. Michael Evans short film plays on fear and familiarity and I guarantee the next time you find yourself walking alone in a dark, lonely street you will find yourself thinking of The Smiling Man.