Short Film Sunday: The New Tenants

Title: The New Tenants

Director: Joachim Back

Released: 2009

Length: 20 minutes

The New Tenants is the quirky tale of a gay couple that move into a new apartment only to get drawn into a situation involving a drug dealer, a spurned lover looking for revenge and an old lady. Joachim Back’s short film took home the best short film Oscar back in 2009 and whilst it doesn’t pack the same emotional punch as some of the other short films I have covered, it is a pleasant and entertaining way to pass 20 minutes.

Vincent ‘Private Pile’ D’Onofrio brings the same air of menace and rage that he is currently showing in Daredevil and David Rakoff is suitably snarky and is a nice snapshot of an actor and writer who sadly became ill and passed away just three years after this short was filmed.

The New Tenants is funny, weird and captivating but not very uplifting…

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