Short Film Sunday – The Gunfighter

Title: The Gunfighter

Director: Eric Kissak

Released: 2014

Length: 9 mins

The concept behind The Gunfighter is an ingenious as it is lacking in longevity which makes it perfect for a short film. A lone gun slinger wanders into a saloon and the dulcet tones of Nick Offerman’s narration begin. The kicker is that all the characters can hear the narration too, so when Offerman starts delivering some home truths, all hell breaks loose.

At just under 9 minutes there is no time for the joke to wear thin and I laughed more during The Gunfighter then I have during most feature length comedies. Offerman is the perfect fit to deliver the scandalous news to patrons of a saloon in the old west. His dry style is just the right side of knowing to pull off a smart and hilarious script.

After watching a lot of short films with lofty ideas recently it is refreshing to see what is basically just an extended comedy sketch in The Gunfighter. Take nothing away from it though, Eric Kissack’s 2014 short is a clever idea with a witty script, acted and executed perfectly.

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