Short Film Sunday: The Controller

Title: The Controller

Director: Saman Kesh

Released: 2013

Length: 8 minutes

Joining the legion of short concept films to be turned into a full feature is The Controller and it is not hard to see why. Saman Kash has directed a film that is stylish, visually arresting and compelling and the thought of a feature length version of The Controller is an intriguing concept.

The high octane action scenes blend perfectly into the futuristic sci-fi setting, bringing to mind the equally ambitious Uncanny Valley. The fight sequences also bring to mind Oldboy and The Raid and any film that starts with the terrifying wail of an air raid siren is always going to be interesting.

Saman Kesh has been linked with a potential remake of classic 90s horror Cube which, based on this short, would be very exciting.

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