Short Film Sunday: Six Shooter

Title: Six Shooter

Director: Martin McDonagh

Released: 2004

Length: 27 mins

With Seven Psychopaths and In Bruges, Irish director Martin McDonagh has cornered the market on combining laugh out loud comedy with rip roaring violence and heart by the bucketful. One of the reasons for this is the versatility of regular collaborator Brendan Gleeson. He stole the show with his understated but magnificent performance in In Bruges and he is once again a touch of class in Six Shooter.

RĂșaidhrĂ­ Conroy chews the scenery a little as a larger than life, obnoxious train passenger who Gleeson inadvertently ends up travelling with, but mostly the two actors combine well. McDonagh doesn’t shy away from shocking violence in his later work and it is clear that this has been one of his strong points from the start (Six Shooter was his first film). Throw in a great comedic cameo from Brendan Gleeson’s son Domhnall Gleeson as a moody train employee and you have a thoroughly enjoyable piece of work.

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