Title: Miracle Fish

Director: Luke Doolan

Released: 2009

Length: 17 minutes

When I was a kid I used to constantly imagine scenarios such as a zombie apocalypse or an alien invasion and how I would react to them. Miracle Fish takes this concept and brings it to life as a young, lonely boy awakes to find that everybody has disappeared. Young actor Karl Beattie brings a charm and realism to the role and their are some nice scenes involving him and the tuck shop at school that I could particularly relate to.

Without wanting to give too much away, Miracle Fish takes this simple concept and turns it into something chilling and powerful. The final scene is one that will live long in the memory and director Luke Doolan deserves credit for tackling a subject that others choose to avoid.

Short film gives all involved the freedom to perhaps be a bit more arty and ambitious. I have really enjoyed nearly every film that I have watched as part of this series and Miracle Fish is right up there in terms of quality. It is no surprise that it was nominated for a best short film statuette at the Oscars. A poignant and memorable piece of work.