Short Film Sunday: Marcell The Shell With Shoes On

Title: Marcell The Shell With Shoes On

Director: Dean Fleischer-Camp

Released: 2010

Length: 3 minutes

Marcell the Shell With Shoes On is about well… a shell called Marcell who also wears shoes. High stakes stuff. Shot as a faux documentary (where the director seems to care very little for their subject), Marcell… is a stop motion animation featuring the considerable voice talents of Jenny Slate (who also voiced a character in last weeks Adventure Time).

It is a quirky and occasionally funny concept that ended up going viral to the extent where it has nearly 27 million views on Youtube at the time of writing. While it didn’t grab me enough to make me want to immediately watch the 2 sequels, I did find it original and Slate’s voice stops just the right side of becoming grating.

There are a lot funnier short films out there but few with such an eccentric concept or so lovingly put together.

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