Short Film Sunday – Just Me in the House By Myself

Title: Just Me in the House By Myself

Director: Jack Dishel

Released: 2015

Length: 5 min 11 sec

Just Me in the House By Myself is the first in a series of short films under the umbrella DRYVRS. Each episode will feature actor/director Jack Dishel being picked up by a different UBER style driver. In this episode Dishel finds himself in a car with a monstrous caricature of Macauley Culkin playing a grown up version of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone.

The fast cuts and Culkin’s leering, unnerving smile and scattershot speech make for an extremely odd experience. There is a hint of jet black humour under the veneer of child abuse and loneliness which does just enough to keep things engaging.

Culkin is clearly a troubled and strange soul, his most recent venture before this was a band called The Pizza Underground,who do Velvet Underground covers but about pizza, so it is actually quite nice to see him poking fun at his most famous role rather than hiding from it.

Coming on the 25th anniversary of Home Alone there can be no more bizarre way to honour that classic film than watching Just Me in the House By Myself.

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