Short Film Sunday: God of Love

Title: God of Love

Director: Luke Matheny

Released: 2010

Length: 18 minutes

In the wake of Alan Rickman’s tragic passing I wrote about his short film Dust. That film is a dark and unnerving take on the legend of the tooth fairy. Whilst God of Love is more quirky and light hearted it shares remarkably similar DNA with the legend aping Dust.

God of Love director Luke Matheny mostly funded the film with student loans and his own savings but the production values are surprisingly good. God of Love looks like a Tom Waits song brought to life, all shadowy bars and vibrant street corners, and the jazzy soundtrack adds to the overall authenticity of the work.

Despite being rejected by Sundance, God of Love went on to win the best short film Oscar in 2010 and it is easy to see why with such a thought provoking yet humorous glance into the life of a lonely lounge singer with great aim. There is a general feeling that short films tend to be overly arty or pretentious but Luke Matheny’s charming short shows that particular cliché is not always correct.

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