Short Film Sunday – Dust

Title: Dust

Directors: Ben Ockrent, Jake Russell

Released: 2013

Length: 8 mins

Dust is an odd and twisted take on the legend of the tooth fairy. Alan Rickman is his usual mesmerizing self in a film in which he doesn’t have a single line. Perhaps better known for playing villains, Rickman is just as much at home playing warm, sympathetic characters and he has to use both sides of the coin in this sinister fable.

Alongside Rickman is Jodie Whittaker, who has little to do but still acts as a fresh faced counterweight to Rickman’s more grizzled, dishevelled appearance. It is undoubtedly Rickman who steals the show however, and Dust is a reminder of how compelling Alan Rickman was. The London actor always picked interesting roles and looked so at home on the big screen despite not landing his first major role until he was 46. Obviously it is sad we will no longer see Alan Rickman in films, but he has had such a varied and fascinating career that there are plenty of films to choose from. It is in his work that Rickman leaves his legacy, from Die Hard to Dogma, from Harry Potter to Love Actually, he was a beloved and talented actor that will be missed all across the world of film.

Dust is not his best film of course but it is an interesting work that sums up a great actor in 8 minutes. Villain, hero, gentlemen, comedian, no matter which hat Alan Rickman was wearing he always had the same twinkle in his eye.

RIP Alan Rickman.

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