Title: Duck Amuck

Director: Chuck Jones

Released: 1953

Length: 8 mins

One of the best loved and most influential animated shorts ever made. You might not think you have seen Duck Amuck but I guarantee you have. Not content with being inducted into the United States Library of Congress and being chosen for the national film registry, Duck Amuck was also voted 2nd in the 50 greatest cartoons of all time as voted by members of the animation field. This is not just a cartoon, it is an animated juggernaut, a cultural milestone.

More important than any accolade however, is the fact that Duck Amuck is genuinely laugh out loud funny as well as being inventive, surreal and ground breaking. Having Daffy Duck continually break the fourth wall as he becomes increasingly angry makes for great entertainment and the big reveal at the end just caps it all off perfectly.

If you have ever laughed at a cartoon or marvelled at the sheer imagination that animation can showcase, then doff your cap to Duck Amuck because it can all be traced back to that.