Short Film Sunday: Day & Night

Title: Day & Night

Director: Teddy Newton

Released: 2010

Length: 6 minutes

Animation studios often knock off a rushed short film to include as a DVD special feature or to be shown ahead of a feature length film at the cinema. As we already know however, Pixar are not just any old animation studio. It is no surprise then that this short film, originally intended to be shown as a precursor to Toy Story 3, ended up being nominated for an Oscar for best animated short film as well as being described as ‘sensationally original’ and ‘like nothing you have ever seen’ by the Wall Street Journal.

Day & Night is undoubtedly deserving of all the praise it received on release. It is a simple concept of seeing the personification of night and day fighting it out, before finding some common ground, but the execution of such an abstract idea should be tricky. Director Teddy Newton makes it look easy however and Day & Night is almost a match for Disney’s Duck Amuck in terms of the best ever animated shorts.

It is difficult to think of a movie studio that has brought such unbridled joy to cinemas worldwide as Pixar and Day & Night is yet another imaginative and original entry.

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