Sharknado – 3/10

Nowhere near as much fun as it should be…


I love Snakes on a Plane and I also really love Troll 2 so I am not against ‘bad’ films as a rule. Snakes is just pure no brain entertainment and the beauty of Troll 2 is that everyone involved believes they are making a real movie rather than the utterly bizarre and truly terrible film they actually made. Sharknado falls annoyingly somewhere in between the two without being anywhere near as fun.

There is far too much ‘we know this is rubbish – wink wink’ stuff going on here. Anybody can make a knowingly crap film, luckily the concept of sharks being swept up in a tornado is just fucking brilliant enough to make Sharknado worth watching.

Sharknado 2: The Second One - 2014

The dialogue is unbearable, the acting is terrible (it is actually kind of sad to see Tara Reid and John Heard reduced to this) but one great thing about Sharknado is the CGI. Obviously the reason the CGI is fantastic is because it is so abysmal – I pretty much laughed out loud every time one of the ‘sharks’ showed up. If you were expecting sharks that look like Jaws than you will be disappointed but if you were more in the market for sharks that are about the size of a large dog that shatter as if made of glass when hitting the floor then you are in for a massive treat.

Sharknado is in nearly every way a worthless piece of cinema but it made me laugh and it is definitely memorable and I was never actually bored – I have seen many films rated far higher that I enjoyed far less. I look forward to Sharknado 2: The Second One.


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