Running With Scissors – 7.5/10.


The story of Augustine, his alcoholic father, his crazy mother and an enigmatic psychiatrist.

Running With Scissors has its touching moments, is really funny but most of all I would describe it as ‘quirky’. While this can be an annoying and pretentious quality in some films (I Heart Huckabees), RWS is closer to Garden State or even the wonderful work of director Wes Anderson. Whilst not as poignant as Garden State or as layered as Anderson, RWS is as funny as either and is full of interesting characters. I am not familiar with Joseph Cross but he is brilliant as the main character. Annette Benning plays another crazy lady with a bit too much gusto at times but is mostly pretty strong. Brian Cox has a great time and is hilarious as madcap patriarch Dr. Finch. Elsewhere, whilst it isn’t much of a stretch for Gwyneth Paltrow to play a pious, goody two shoes, she does bring a subtle darkness and sadness to the role. I am surprised that RWS doesn’t seem to be particularly critically lauded or popular with audiences as I found loads to enjoy here.

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