Everybody’s Fine – 7/10.

A touching story of a father (Robert de Niro) who travels across America to reconnect with his grown up children. De Niro is understated and excellent in this film, although Sam Rockwell steals every scene he is in (like he does in everything he is in). If you like stuff like The Bucket List you would probably enjoy this. I might have had something in my eye at one point there too…

Three Kings – 6.5/10

A group of American soldiers get more than they bargained for when attempting to hijack some of Suddams gold. A decent if unspectacular movie that is watchable in spite of Ice Cube overacting the fuck out of every scene he is in. Clooney and Wahlberg are solid as ever. To quote Sven Goran Eriksson: ‘First half good… Second half, not so good’.

The Way Back – 8/10.

Epic drama that follows a group of prisoners attempting to walk 4000 miles to
freedom. You have to be in the mood for this kind of film, it clocks in at over two hours but it is worth it. The highlight is an absolute superb performance in the lead role by Jim Sturgess. An absolute masterclass of acting from the British up and comer. Ed Harris and Colin Farrell provide good support.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – 7.5/10

We need to talk about We Need to Talk About Kevin


Shocking and difficult to watch in places. This tale of boys childhood gone horrifically wrong is not for the faint hearted but it is powerful and gripping. Ezra Miller is excellent as the teenage Kevin. There is a shot near the end of the film that will stay with you for a very long time.

Puncture – 8/10.

Half Nelson with more money…
Chris Evans (The Captain America one not the ginger one) is an injury lawyer who takes on the pharmaceutical companies whilst also battling a drug addiction.
Puncture is a thoroughly entertaining and powerful drama that will leave you fucking furious with the way the world works. Chris Evans is brilliant in this film showing once again he was totally wasted as Captain America who is the most boring superhero ever. Puncture  also delivers on the soundtrack with tracks from such luminaries as Bright Eyes and Silversun Pickups.

The Possession – 7/10

Modern horror movies are in such a bad way right now, to make a good one you have to fall into one of two basic categories. The first and rarer is to make a horror film with an actual original idea such as Saw or Final Destination. The second is to take a genre staple and either improve it or put a new spin on it like Scream or 28 Days Later. The Possession tries to fall in the latter category. The idea of a young girl being possessed and it being ‘based on a true story’ have been absolutely done to death and this film brings nothing new to the table. It is however well written, well acted and genuinely frightening in places. Due to its complete lack of originality there is practically nothing they could do to get it above a 7 in my book so it has to go down as a success.

Scent of a Woman – 8.5/10

Al Pacino gets the opportunity to shout a lot of nonsensical phrases – grasps opportunity with both hands.
Chris O’Donnell AKA the man who angered everyone with his performance as Robin in those shit Batman films plays a student who is tasked with looking after a blind man over Thanksgiving weekend but instead of a feeble old man he gets Big Al screaming in his face.
Al Pacino is as good as the blind ex military man as he has been in anything. He won an Oscar, it would have been an absolute travesty if he didn’t. Even robin is good in this movie with a good support from a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman. A classic.


Best Leading Actor

Regarding Henry – 6/10

One of those life affirming, inspirational movies that just isn’t for me. I think I am too much of a miserable old bastard for the message to get through. Harrison Ford is a lawyer who’s life is changed when he loses his memory in an accident. It is well acted, well directed and such, just isn’t for me. Oh JJ Abrams wrote the damn thing as well. Harrison Ford and JJ Abrams make a 6/10 film. Who’d of thunk it?

Wild Bill – 8.5/10

A touching and brilliant tale about a man who returns from prison to find his two young sons fending for themselves. This is like a mix of Guy Ritchie and Shane Meadows without quite managing to be as good as the best work of those directors. This is the film Nick Love (Football Factory, The Business) has been trying to make his whole career. I loved it.

Snow White and the Huntsman – 7/10

Not another dark re-imagining.
‘A grown up take on the classic fairytale’ is the kind of vague tagline you will see attached to this and a thousand other rehashes of ancient ideas and Snow White and the Huntsmen does little to stand out from the crowd.
The acting however is actually pretty solid. Kristen Stewart continues to throw off the the twi-shite shackles with another decent performance and Chris Hemsworth again impresses following his good work as Thor – expect him and his beautiful golden locks to be in pretty much every fantasy or period film of the next ten years.
On the scale of recent fantasy offerings this is not as good as Stardust but better than the Golden Compass and ten times better than the disaster that was Red Riding Hood.