One False Move – 7/10

Billy Bob Thornton stars in that one film he made over and over again in the 90’s.


A Simple Plan, Sling Blade, The Man Who Wasn’t There, U Turn, The Fargo TV series. They all contain the same desperate crooks, dumb cops, former Miss Somewhere finalists, diners, bars and general Americana that Bruce Springsteen made a career out of. They are also the place where veteran acting legend Billy Bob Thornton looks most at home.

In isolation all those projects are enjoyable, sometimes brilliant. My problem on a personal level is I have watched all of these in the last twelve months and I’ve taken in too much of Middle America, Bill Paxton, big 90s haircuts, deserts and country music to stop all the above works merging into one totem pole with Billy Bob Thornton’s face on all sides.

In terms of acting this is actually Thornton’s weakest of the lot with Bill Paxton running the show. Billy Bob Thornton co wrote One False Move however so perhaps decided to take more of a back seat from being in front of the camera.

Cynda Williams (thankfully not a femme fatale – something to separate One False Move from a thousand other yokel film noirs) is great as the reluctant accomplice to murder and theft and the scenes with her and Paxton are among the best in the movie. Thornton does makes up for a subdued performance with an absolutely magnificent Steven Seagal-esque pony tail however it has to be said.

Watch all of the films mentioned if you like this kind of thing (particularly Sling Blade) but leave it a few months between viewings.

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