Nightcrawler – 7.5/10.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s skeleton makes money selling real crime footage to a news network.


The concept behind Nightcrawler is both thought provoking and chilling and first time director Dan Gilroy takes it in an interesting direction. The obvious road for this film to follow would be for the main character to start questioning his own morality as he delves deeper into the world of filming amateur footage of live crimes being committed and the bloody aftermath. Nightcrawler decides to take this brilliantly original concept however, and make it in to more of a character study.

Gyllenhaal always looks more at home playing the weirdo than the hero and he is compelling and unsettling as Louis Bloom – the man behind the camera. He lost 20 pounds for the role and his gaunt appearance only adds to the creepy nature of his performance. Veterans Rene Russo and Bill Paxton are very solid in support but it is Riz Ahmed of Four Lions fame who really steals the show with an excellent turn as Gyllenhaal’s right hand man.

Nightcrawler is not a masterpiece but I get the feeling there is something about it that will stick with me.

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