If you have been to a live venue in Doncaster, chances are you have seen Martin Black. A regular and a veteran on the South Yorkshire music scene, Black has been honing his craft in venues large and small for years now and carries the spirit of classic songwriters Paul Weller and Joe Strummer, namely music with a heart.


Having supported the likes of Big Country, John Power, Steve Craddock and Bruce Foxton it is clear where Martin Black’s influences lie and these influences can be heard loud and clear on new single ‘When I Fall’.

Whilst not a huge departure on Black’s previous work, ‘When I Fall’ has a bigger, more polished sound. Sing along choruses run through his veins and ‘When I Fall’ has a beauty. Backing vocals and a full band flesh out what becomes a cinematic sound by the end of the track and builds up to a crescendo that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Martin Black will no doubt be coming to a venue near you soon and you can buy ‘When I Fall’ from all the usual vendors now.