Maniac – 6.5/10.

There is a maniac. He kills people.
The thing that sets Maniac apart from countless other slasher flicks is that is filmed from the killers POV mostly in a first person, ‘Peep Show’ style. This is something I have wanted to see for a while in horror films but Elijah Woods’ psychopath Frank is just not interesting enough to carry such a premise. I would love to see this style applied to a character as interesting and impenetrable as Halloween‘s Michael Myers for example. There are suggestions of a haunted past and a longing for vindication but ultimately the POV style feels gimmicky too often and a decent back story is sacrificed for cheap gore and scares. Director Franck Khalfoun does a good job of giving off the whole creepy vibe with a fitting score and good lighting but Maniac could have been so much more.

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  1. While I understand why you may feel that it was too gimmicky, I loved it. I didn’t feel like it was pretentious at all and was thoroughly engrossed the entire time and I was really engrossed in his relationship with Anna.

    1. I also didn’t feel like it was pretentious which is commendable. I just felt it occasionally slipped into gimmick and I guess I was mostly just disappointed that such a great premise was kind of wasted. What would you give it out of 10?

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