Machete Kills – 7/10

Juvenile sequel, plot is… TITS, ASS, GUNS, FIGHTING, EXPLOSIONS etc etc.


Machete Kills is twenty minutes too long, trying too hard to be a cult film and contains even less original ideas than the first film but to be honest it is really good fun.
The Machete films are like the Expendables series teenage brother. Intentionally cheesy dialogue, people being chopped in half and celebrity cameos by the bucket load. It is difficult to know whether director Robert Rodriguez should be praised or derided for turning a three minute fake trailer (from Grindhouse), into two feature length films with the promise of a third on the way but when it is this fun, does it really matter? He should probably have spent less time pissing about doing stuff like this and more time making a sequel to Sin City but never mind.

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