The Seventh Seal – 8.5/10

Arty prequel of sorts to Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey…
The Seventh Seal is very bleak but thought provoking tale of a knight playing a game of chess with Death for his life, set against the backdrop of the plague sweeping through Sweden.
Ok so The Seventh Seal was made in 1957, is in black and white and their speaking Swedish so don’t be expecting a popcorn flick but it is in IMDB’s top 250 (#129) for a reason. The acting is spellbinding and the philosophical debate raging between the Grim Reaper and Max Von Sydow’s mysterious knight Antonius Block is powerful and leaves a lasting impression. The script is masterful and brings to mind both classic gothic literature and high end theatre.
They really don’t make em’ like this any more.

IMDB TOP 250 #129

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