La Haine – 7/10.

Tensions run high between police and local gangs the day after a riot in the Paris projects.

La Haine is a gritty, low budget, black and white portrayal of life in the French ghetto. Starring an outrageously young Vincent Cassel and taking place over a 24 hour period. Inspired or Inspired by classic films such as Boyz N the Hood, American History X and Kids, La Haine shows what you can do with a few friends and a camera (it is similar in that respect to other DIY movies to cross over into the mainstream like Clerks). Being nearly 20 years old La Haine feels a little dated and tame by today’s standards but it still shocks in places (particularly the ending) and is influential not just in French cinema but in cinema in general. Doesn’t quite deserve its place in the IMDB top 250 (#218) but still good viewing.

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