Kick Ass 2 – 5/10.

Brilliant, game changing film spawns rubbish sequel.


Kick Ass 2 picks up where Kick-Ass left off. Kick Ass has found some new friends to fight the good fight whilst Hit-Girl tries to adapt to life in her new high school. Meanwhile Red Mist has re-badged himself as ‘The Motherfucker’. Obviously.
Kick Ass 2 is neither great or terrible but it has great moments and it has terrible, terrible low points, unfortunately the latter outweigh the former. The whole Hit Girl plot line of hanging out with the ‘popular kids’ and going on her first date is as excruciatingly awful as it sounds and feels as unnecessary as Peter Parker going emo in Spider-Man 3.
The new superhero’s are pretty good, featuring Donald ‘Turk’ Faison and Jim Carrey, the new super villains less good, being completely forgettable other than a terrible soviet stereotype named ‘Mother Russia’. A disappointing sequel that brings nothing to the original, seriously not worth watching.

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