Joe Carnall Jnr @ Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge

Joe Carnall Jnr has maintained a loyal fan base throughout his career whether that be fronting Milburn and The Book Club or as the bassist in Revered and the Makers. It makes sense then that Carnall Jnr has now chosen to go down the path of being a solo artist albeit backed by a full band.


Joe Carnall Jnr is the latest in a slew of impressive acts to feature at the Doncaster Diamond Live Lounge including Space and Frankie & The Heartstrings and as the Sheffield singer/songwriter opened up with a storming rendition of Captain Hook it was clear this was to be another good night.

Carnall Jnr’s emergence as a solo artist is reminiscent of Gaz Coombes brilliant solo work in as much as both artists have broken free of the shackles of Milburn and Supergrass respectively to produce something fresh and new. This is never more apparent than on second track Avenue, a stomping piano led ballad with a hook laden chorus. A well received Sharpshooter follows before The Boy Who Was Struck By Lightning has the Doncaster crowd clapping along.

At this point the band leave the stage as Carnall Jnr treats the crowd to a couple of acoustic songs including a version of Milburn favourite Cheshire Cat Smile, complete with dodgy backing vocals from the audience. Joe jokes that normally the band would go backstage but as there is no such area in Live Lounge they will just have to stand and watch.


The band return for a triumphant run through of excellent new single Three Things, which encapsulates Carnall Jnr’s Simon and Garfunkel influenced folk sound before crowd favourite Times New Roman – probably the only love song about fonts.

By the time the last notes of set closer Haunted have finished it is clear that whether it is with Milburn, The Book Club or as a solo act, Joe Carnall Jnr means business. His album is due to drop next year. Don’t miss it.

This article originally appeared in Doncopolitan magazine:

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