Ironclad – 5/10.

Imagine a crap Game of Thrones episode that drags on for two hours. Ladies and Gentlemen – Ironclad.


Ironclad is a fictionalized account of the siege on Rochester Castle by King John in 13th century England. As with all films set in this time period the colour scheme is largely made up of Grey…

The reason I was initially interested in Ironclad was a strong cast featuring Brian Cox, Charles Dance, Paul Giamitti and Jason Flemyng but the characters are so derivative and paper thin that this fine collection of actors can do little to inspire any feeling. Giamitti is always watchable however and his rousing speech in the third act almost makes Ironclad worth watching but other than that there is little to nothing that we haven’t seen a thousand times before in other movies set in this time period (Black Death, King Arthur, First Knight etc).

It is difficult to know what attracted Giamatti to such an average film, maybe just the chance to portray something different to his usual comedic roles, but even a performer as talented as him can’t save Ironclad.

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