Insidious 2 – 3/10.

The imaginatively named Insidious 2 joins the ever growing rank of rubbish horror sequels…


Insidious 2 picks up right from where Insidious left off. Patriarch Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) is back from erm… the underworld? But all is not well.
Where to start with the things wrong with this film? OK firstly the dialogue, which ranges from corny to downright offensively awful. Complimenting that we have the whole spectrum of terrible acting on show, from Rose Byrne’s constantly hysterical and screaming mother to the calmest children of all time who just seem fine with ghosts talking to them through tin cans.
This time when (spoiler alert but seriously this film has already been spoiled by the makers) the main characters go into the underworld there is about as much peril on show as a fucking ham sandwich. It is about as tense as a garden gnome. It is so ridiculous that it would be actually impossible for anyone watching to not think ‘this is utterly ridiculous’ and become completely disengaged. While all this is bad the worst thing about Insidious 2 by a country mile is the horrendous ‘comic relief’ that they have for some bizarre reason included throughout the movie. It is so out of place that it feels like it has been spliced in from an Eddie Murphy flick or something. Big Mommas Haunted House perhaps?
So Insidious 2 should be the death knoll for ghost stories for a while. Like Slasher movies, Torture Porn, and Found Footage before it, now is the time to resign this tired genre to the horror dustbin for a while. Unfortunately Insidious 3 is already in the works. Sighhhhhhhh.

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