Inside Llewyn Davis – 7.5/10

A week in the life of fictional folk singer Llewyn Davis.

In between their more serious works (True Grit, No Country For Old Men), cult directors the Coen Brothers like to make small, character driven, dialogue heavy curiosities (A Serious Man, O Brother, Where Art Thou?). Inside Llewyn Davis falls squarely in the latter category.

Despite the wildly varying subject matter, all their work retains that ‘Coens’ feel. Llewyn Davis’ continued woes are reminiscent of the hapless protagonist in A Serious Man and they have touched on folk music in O Brother, Where Art Thou? The strictly scripted dialogue that sounds improvised is also classic Coens.

Inside Llewyn Davis has no real story to speak of, it is more just a snapshot of an interesting characters life. What it does have is a stunning soundtrack and sound turns from Oscar Isaac in the title role and also Carey Mulligan and John Goodman in support.

This is probably the Coen’s least accessible work since The Man Who Wasn’t There so it is not for everyone, if you are a fan of the Coens though you don’t need me to tell you to watch this movie.

Inside Llewyn Davis is a story of melancholy, failure and cats. What’s not to love?

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