Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – 8.5/10

Three people named Indiana, Willy and Short Round embark on a really odd adventure…


It’s been a while since I have seen Indy’s second outing. Whenever I want my Indiana Jones fix I automatically think of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Last Crusade and watching it again after so many years I remembered why. Temple has definitely aged the worst of the three classic movies, mostly because lovable foreign side kicks and mildly offensive female stereotypes are no longer de rigueur now that Hollywood has to pretend to be enlightened. Having said that Shortround is pretty lovable and despite being wildly over the top and hysterical, Kate Capshaw at least has a good chemistry with Harrison Ford.

If you look back at the plot of all three Indy movies they are all a bit madcap on paper but Temple is particularly odd what with people having their hearts ripped out of their chest and all the child slavery (this is supposed to be a kids film right?). In spite of all the 80’s cheese and considering Hollywood has changed a lot in the twenty years since this film landed it has to be noted that the worst Indy instalment is still better than 90% of films churned out of Tinsel Town right now.


Best Visual Effects

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