Honeymoon – 7/10.

Loving couple ignore thousands of horror films and have their Honeymoon in a cabin in the woods. The inevitable ensues.


I spent the opening twenty minutes of Honeymoon mapping out a negative review in my head. Game of Thrones Rose Leslie (Ygritte) has a dodgy American accent and the scenes displaying the love she shares with her new groom are far too sickly sweet. After The Cabin in the Woods turned the genre on it’s head I didn’t expect to see something so derivative so shortly afterwards…

Luckily when Honeymoon does finally get interesting it brings with it a surprising new take on the genre and succeeds where similar films like Dark Skies failed.

Honeymoon is creepy and a bit nasty but it stuck with me and as I have said many times this is often the yardstick for a successful horror film.

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